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for Solana  

Sphere helps people, merchants, and companies seamlessly accept crypto, increase customer engagement, and manage their online payments.  

Payments solutions
at your fingertips

We simplify the process of accepting Solana tokens as payment by providing delightful interfaces and developer tooling so that you can focus on selling your products. Sphere abstracts on-chain interactions for merchants and offers prebuilt checkout pages, point of sale, and React components to get you up and running in minutes.



Atomic one time payments, governed fairly and trustlessly with our Solana payments programs.

Product Pages

Every product created comes with a simple UI that you can link anywhere on the web.


Create checkout sessions and the purchase of multiple products into a single transaction.


Put your buy now button anywhere, using our easy-to-use React component libraries.

Point of Sale

Create a product on Sphere, then sell it person with Solana Pay on your tablet or mobile device.

One platform for all
your commerce needs

Whether you're setting up an online store for the first time or considering using Solana pay to accept payments in person, we've got you covered. Sphere aims to empower people and businesses by connecting communities to their members and merchants to their customers.

Intuitive, robust,
and user-friendly

We take the best in payments to offer semantic and easy-to-use REST APIs and SDKs so that you can focus on your use case rather than the subtleties of Web 3.0 payments integration or infrastructure maintenance.

A Permissionless and
Trustless Defi Protocol

Sphere's payment processing engine is built on fair, secure, and permissionless Solana programs trustlessly facilitating the interaction between merchants and customers.

Bringing Solana
payments mainstream

Distributed ledger technology in the form of lightning fast payments are creating a new frontier in the transfer of value. Coupled with Solana, Sphere is dedicated to taking Solana payments mainstream with the most competitive pricing for internet payments period.